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Please note: We use the exact photo uploaded with your order in the artwork creation process. Keep in mind the object you’ve selected for your customized item and make sure that the angle works well with your chosen portrait template. Is the fur color true to real life? Is the tail visible in the photo? We want to make sure that you are happy with the photo you’ve uploaded. We try our best to adhere to any notes added to orders but cannot fix everything, for example we can indeed remove the red eye, but we can't open your pet's mouth if it is closed in the photo. Now that would be a neat trick!

Note that all examples on our website were made from high quality photos. Please make sure that the photo you provide meets our guidelines as noted to the best of your ability. While we will do everything we can to create a high level finish, it’s important to note that your result will differ from that shown on our website as a result of lesser quality images. We try to review all photos we receive, however sometimes due to high volume order demands we may not be able to go over every single image in detail before production. We can’t stress enough how important it is that you provide a high quality photo at the time you place your order

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